There are many home cleaning companies. Why should I choose Green Clean?

We have been cleaning homes like yours for over 4 years. We love putting a smile on your face—whether it’s for our exclusive 24 Step Green Cleaning System(TM) that gives your home a deep, detailed cleaning all year long, or for using Non-Toxic cleaning products, along with HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths and mops. All our cleaning teams are fully trained, insured and uniformed. And all our work is backed by 100% Satisfaction Gurantee.

What should I do to prepare for my green home cleaning?

Green Clean appreciates it if the customer provides the cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. If that environment does not exist, the team may not be able to fully complete your clean.

What if I’m not satisfied with the service?

If you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and re-clean it.

Who will be cleaning my home?

A team of professional cleaners, trained and employed by Green Clean, will clean your home. All employees of Green Clean are uniformed, fully insured, and bonded. Our professional housecleaners will not eat, drink, smoke or operate any appliances while inside your home.

Do I Need to Provide Cleaning Equipment or Supplies?

We provide all cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, so you never need to worry about replenishing your supply for our teams.

Do I Need to Provide Cleaning Equipment or Supplies?

We provide all cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, so you never need to worry about replenishing your supply for our teams.

How much will it cost to clean my home?

Every home is as unique as the homeowner. We base your exact price on many factors including size of your home, pets, clutter, floor types, as well as, the number of people who live there. Call us today at 1300 234 733 for a free estimate.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

Absolutely not. In fact, most of our customers prefer not to be home when we clean!

What Should I Do With My Pets During the House Cleaning?

Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us to know. Though not a requirement, we prefer pets to be restricted from the areas we clean, to allow us to clean your home better and more efficiently.

How Shall I Pay for My House Cleaning?

You may pay by cash, check or credit card. Payment is due at time of service. If you do not intend to be at home at time of service you may choose to either leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter the morning of your house cleaning. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will keep your credit card information on file at the office and charge your card once each cleaning is completed. A fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

How do I schedule an appointment with Green Clean?

It’s simple. Call 1300 234 733 and speak with a representative from Green Clean. They would be more than happy to provide you with a free phone estimate and schedule your appointment to meet with one of our consultants for an onsite obligation free quote.

How do you protect my key?

Your key is locked in a safe to which only upper management have access. The key is issued to the team leader on the day of your clean. The team leader returns the key at the end of the day and its returned to the safe facility.

What if I would like something cleaned that is not part of your cleaning system?

Green Clean offers a variety of additional services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning and we even clean your fridge. Our customer’s satisfaction is our main priority and we will do whatever we can to keep them happy.

How is your 24-Step Green Cleaning System™ good for my children?

Kids love getting into every nook and cranny, every niche and corner of your home. Unfortunately, that’s also where dust, dirt and allergens collect. Our 24-Step Green Cleaning System™ was designed to provide you and your loved ones with the cleanest and healthiest indoor environment. Our HEPA vacuums capture 99.9% of all dust, dirt, pet dander-which can often be the cause of many allergies- and other contaminants. Our cleaning products are safe for you, your family and the environment. We disinfect and remove fingerprints from your light switches, door handles and telephone receivers to stop the spread of germs.

How does your 24- Step Green Cleaning System™ help us with flu and virus protection?

If you are armed with regular cleans from Green Clean, you’ve got a defense against common winter ailments. Our 24-Step Green Cleaning System™ is guaranteed to make your home healthier and cleaner every visit. It isn’t only what we clean, but how we clean that gives your home the healthiest most thorough cleaning. Besides cleaning all kitchen cabinet, appliance and counter surfaces, we use special brushes to clean out the little crevices where germs and bacteria gather. In the bathroom, we use a grout brush to remove mold, mildew and stubborn soap residue to unhealthy spores are eradicated. We disinfect all bathroom surfaces. We clean and disinfect phone receivers, light switches and door handles which is a great way top stop the spread of germs. All our team members are fully trained to ensure that you receive only the highest quality clean possible.