Green Clean maintains strong communication channels with customers to build an effective quality assurance process.  Our cleaning company makes the effort to know your workplace in order to develop a quality control program specific to your needs. This approach makes us one of the most comprehensive and professional cleaning provider.

Green Clean’s quality assurance mechanisms are:

Cleaner’s communication folder at your workplace. Your staff should note any special cleaning requirements and our staff will review the details on every visit to your office.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager so you won’t be repeating yourself when making enquiries. Our account managers also follow through with any requests, so you are not left wondering how your questions or concerns will be handled.

Every month we deliver a feedback survey to ensure our cleaning service meets your requirements. All feedback is treated with the utmost consideration to help improve Green Clean’s service.

Green Clean also conducts a monthly internal review of your contract to ensure we have allocated adequate resources to maintain a high standard of service. Part of this quality control process includes an on-site visit by management staff.