Green, Safe and Responsible Carpet Cleaning

We offer a 100% SAFE and EFFECTIVE carpet cleaning process  that removes even deep down dirt and stubborn stains while remaining completely safe for building occupants, even children, babies and pets who spend much of their time in direct contact with the carpet.

Green Clean’s 8 Step Carpet Green Cleaning Program(TM) was created to ensure a thorough, healthy, eco friendly and completely safe cleaning process and to provide you and your family with the cleanest and healthiest living environment possible.

8 Step Carpet Green Cleaning Program(TM)

Step 1. Pre- Inspection

Our trained and accredited technician will inspect your carpet to identify your main areas of concern. For your satisfaction a checklist will be completed by our technician.

Step 2. Pre- Vacuum

We extensively pre-vacuum your carpet with our highly efficient hospital grade HEPA filter vacuum cleaner which removes 99.9% of dust, dust mites and other allergens, a must have for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Step 3. Spotting and Pre- Spray

We spot and pre spray your carpet with our highly effective 100% natural cleaning solution, focusing on walkways, heavy traffic areas and pet and food stains.

Step 4. Agitation

We will agitate your carpet to ensure soil separation

Step 5. Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning)

This method along with our natural cleaning products allows us to clean your carpet in the most non toxic and effective manner.

Step 6. Move Furniture

Light sofas, tables and chairs will be moved. After cleaning under these items, each piece will be returned to its original position and protective blocks and tabs will be placed under each leg to prevent moisture transfer and protect your carpet and furniture.

Step 7. Carpet Grooming

The carpet pile is set in one direction so that the fibre is in the best position for drying and ultimate visual appeal.

Step 8. Speed Drying

We will use turbo drying equipment to speed up the drying process

Our 8 Step Carpet Green Cleaning Program(TM) includes:

Latest and best Hot Water Extraction equipment and technologies which result in a more cleaner, healthier and drier carpet

Only environmentally friendly and biodegradable products which DO NOT contain perfumes, toxic agents, solvents or other hazardous products. Completely safe for babies, children, asthma and allergy sufferers and pets.

Our 8 Step Carpet Green Cleaning Program(TM) is guaranteed to leave your carpets exceptionally clean, fresh and safe.

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